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Sound.C – The Number

Its been a while I wrote anything up here, and its been a really long time since I actually made any music at all. I was going through some older tracks today and I found this. Some of you may already have heard this before. Its not really mixed or mastered at [...]

Why Python is so awesome sometimes

Here’s why I totally love python sometimes:

def _callService (self, headers, callback, errback = None, method=’GET’):
# ….
return some_val

def _callServiceGET (*args, **kwargs):
return args[0]._callService (*args[1:], method=’GET’, **kwargs)

def _callServiceHEAD (*args, **kwargs):
return args[0]._callService (*args[1:], method=’HEAD’, **kwargs)


Its all up and running!

So I recieved my Alesis RA-150 amp Monday evening. It turned out to be pretty big compared to what it looks like in all the pictures online. I got some Monster Quicklock Banana Connectors from Radioshack with some 14 gauge speaker cable. My wires came out to be 5 feet each.
I plugged [...]

Large Hadron Collider

LHC is one of those major milestones in science which make you feel better about the progress being made to find answers to the “real” questions.
I found this post with some amazing pictures of LHC. Check them out.

Monitors … Finally!

So I finally ordered my first ever pair of studio monitors. I ordered the Alesis Monitor One MK2 studio monitors. The reviews over all are pretty good and they actually have a pretty big frame compared to BX5a or KRK Rokit 5. I did have a chance to look at them when [...]