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Why Python is so awesome sometimes

Here’s why I totally love python sometimes:

def _callService (self, headers, callback, errback = None, method=’GET’):
# ….
return some_val

def _callServiceGET (*args, **kwargs):
return args[0]._callService (*args[1:], method=’GET’, **kwargs)

def _callServiceHEAD (*args, **kwargs):
return args[0]._callService (*args[1:], method=’HEAD’, **kwargs)


GMail Notifier v0.4.5 released. Ubuntu package available.

Just released GMail Notifier v0.4.5.
It is now available as an ubuntu package which can be downloaded and installed directly on an Ubuntu 9.04 machine. The program should now be super convenient to install.
More features are being added to the program everyday, so stay tuned (actually the program will let you know whenever [...]

GMail-Notifier : Mac OS X style GMail notification for Ubuntu

Here’s the link for the impatient: GMail-Notifier
I just got the GMail Notification application I had been working to a stable state. It should now work for you on a Ubuntu 9.04+ system. Just download the source and run:
The first time you run it, it should ask you for your gmail credentials.
I am looking [...]