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Why Python is so awesome sometimes

Here’s why I totally love python sometimes:

def _callService (self, headers, callback, errback = None, method=’GET’):
# ….
return some_val

def _callServiceGET (*args, **kwargs):
return args[0]._callService (*args[1:], method=’GET’, **kwargs)

def _callServiceHEAD (*args, **kwargs):
return args[0]._callService (*args[1:], method=’HEAD’, **kwargs)


Perfect Editor?

It’s been a while since I last posted here.  There’s just been too much work lately and a toddler running around the house doesn’t really help either :).
Last time when I was here I was looking for the “Perfect Editor”.  Well, I guess there is no such thing as a “Perfect Editor”.  There is probably [...]

In search for the Perfect Editor

I have been programming exclusively on linux lately.  When I was on windows, like everyone else I used to use Visual Studio for all my development work.  I used to love it, but always used to wonder if there is anything more I can do to boost my productivity.
On linux, there are a whole bunch [...]

GMail Notifier v0.4.5 released. Ubuntu package available.

Just released GMail Notifier v0.4.5.
It is now available as an ubuntu package which can be downloaded and installed directly on an Ubuntu 9.04 machine. The program should now be super convenient to install.
More features are being added to the program everyday, so stay tuned (actually the program will let you know whenever [...]

GMail-Notifier : Mac OS X style GMail notification for Ubuntu

Here’s the link for the impatient: GMail-Notifier
I just got the GMail Notification application I had been working to a stable state. It should now work for you on a Ubuntu 9.04+ system. Just download the source and run:
The first time you run it, it should ask you for your gmail credentials.
I am looking [...]

XML-RPC for Silverlight updates

I just finished uploading the source for the XmlRpc library for Silverlight.  You can access it at the google code page for xml-rpc for silverlight.  Its work in progress but I believe the library will mature with time. 
I have included some documentation on the Usage wiki page.

XML-RPC for Silverlight

I have been looking for a nice implementation of XML-RPC for silverlight for a while now. There are a few good resources out there such as XML-RPC.NET, but they don’t really work on Silverlight.
Silverlight is different, that it only has asynchronous network calls and you can’t really imitate sync calls, which makes [...]

Interprocess Synchronization in Python/Linux

I had been looking for a way to synchronize my python cgi scripts (several, or several instances of one) so that only one of them could access a particular table in a database at one time.  I looked around on the internet but didn’t find a concrete class that could do this.  I was writing [...]

Staging Buffers

Sometimes, I find myself needing a staging memory buffer where I could store data for later retrieval. These kind of buffers essentially need to be FIFOs and should allow unlimited storage with resonably fast data retrieval. These buffers are different from, say, char array buffers since they need to be smart enough to [...]

Google Web Toolkit allows Java

Google Web Toolkit allows programmers to use Java programming language instead of JavaScript(!) to create all those “fancy” looking AJAX based interfaces. Its pretty cool though. I thought, to learn GWT and get any good at it, I need to learn JavaScript, which I totally hate. Instead, you write your programs in [...]