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Why Python is so awesome sometimes

Here’s why I totally love python sometimes:

def _callService (self, headers, callback, errback = None, method=’GET’):
# ….
return some_val

def _callServiceGET (*args, **kwargs):
return args[0]._callService (*args[1:], method=’GET’, **kwargs)

def _callServiceHEAD (*args, **kwargs):
return args[0]._callService (*args[1:], method=’HEAD’, **kwargs)


Update: Server from Ubuntu to Arch

Just an update.  The server migration from Ubuntu to Arch went well. The server is running great, the heat levels are low, can’t really hear the fans running now.  There are slight problems with NFS shares but that’s just a matter of some configuration change.  I’d do it whenever I need it next.
The server has [...]