It’s been a while since I last posted here.  There’s just been too much work lately and a toddler running around the house doesn’t really help either :).

Last time when I was here I was looking for the “Perfect Editor”.  Well, I guess there is no such thing as a “Perfect Editor”.  There is probably an “Editor which works for you”, but I guess that could be too subjective for some :).

I gave emacs a shot and I think I am in love.  I haven’t really looked at anything other than emacs at all. Took me a while to get used to those weird finger twister shortcuts but I think I am beyond that now and I don’t even realize when I do a C-x-s.

I have sort of personalized it a lot though.  Since I mostly program in C, the first thing I got was CEDET.  I probably just use 1% of what it really offers, but whatever I use, it makes writing code a lot easier e.g. It has these nice separators for functions so when you’re scrolling through the code you can easily figure where the functions start and finish; also, it has a status line on top which tells you the context you’re in (which function you’re writing etc.).  Well there’s so much it offers that I cannot possibly mention it all here.  If you’re curious its worth a shot.

I also got a couple of more plugins for managing collapsible scopes (like the +/- buttons next to functions in modern editors and IDEs) and languages like lua and php (support wasn’t there with the default emacs package on Arch).

Well, that’s all about it I guess, I’d be sticking to emacs for the foreseeable future I guess, but if I change my mind, I’d let you know.