I have been programming exclusively on linux lately.  When I was on windows, like everyone else I used to use Visual Studio for all my development work.  I used to love it, but always used to wonder if there is anything more I can do to boost my productivity.

On linux, there are a whole bunch of editors. None of them, right now to me I would say, sound as convenient as Visual Studio.  I am not saying Visual Studio is the ultimate editor/IDE, just that I am used to it and when I use a new editor that’s where my standard is.

On linux, I have been using eclipse lately. It was great initially, but now it’s turning into a nightmare.  Auto completion is painfully slow with it, and as the number of your library includes and source files go up, the more its failing to deliver.  It’s not that bad though, I’ve been using it for a while and so far I am getting my work done.

Another editor I’ve been using to edit single files is geany.  It’s simple, nice syntax highlighting, native (not in Java), and if you do a native compile on arch, you’re in for some serious speed surprise.

I started a thread on stackoverflow.com to discuss this.  I have a few things that I want my editor to do, and I have a few responses which I am going to try out.

Before getting into GUI editors, I will have to give emacs a try.  I’ve been putting it off for a while now and before I can make a choice, emacs deserves some serious thought.  I use vi occasionally, it hasn’t impressed me much to the point that I start using it as my regular editor. Not that its not great, its awesome.  The things people have been doing with it are mind-blowing.  Just that I don’t want that much hassle to setup my environment around. But I’ve got some nice scripts people are sharing on stackoverflow, so I will give it another shot.

But for now, its emacs’ turn.

In case you have a suggestion, I primarily program in C and python.  Occasionally in C++, C# and Java.