Archive for November, 2008 – Progressive Stream

This channel has been my favorite for a while now.  The station usually plays euro-progressive.  If you listen to it long enough though, you’d find that the station does play ambient/psy progressive and ambient/progressive house and hosts several amazing artists.  Give it a listen.
The radio station is also available in iTunes under the electronic genre.

East River – Sound.C & Kirsten Hersh

Alright, so here it is. The newest of my tracks. Its a euro-progressive mix with emphasis on psychedelic basslines. You can use the player to the right to listen to the track.
As promised, you can download the whole arrangement and mastering package here (or the link at the bottom).
I used Kirsten Hersh’s [...]

Music Projects Giveaway

Starting with my next music project I will start giving away the logic pro projects I work on through my website.  Everyone will be able to download my projects and see how I made a particular track. I am expecting it to be a learning experience for me as well as any new composers who [...]