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Its all up and running!

So I recieved my Alesis RA-150 amp Monday evening. It turned out to be pretty big compared to what it looks like in all the pictures online. I got some Monster Quicklock Banana Connectors from Radioshack with some 14 gauge speaker cable. My wires came out to be 5 feet each.
I plugged [...]

Rookie Mistake

So yesterday, I received my Alesis Monitor One MK2 monitors. They look super nice and are sturdy and well built. Also they are Passive! I never paid enough attention to the monitor specs (or the specs failed to convey this) but I need an Amplifier to be able to use them. [...]

Large Hadron Collider

LHC is one of those major milestones in science which make you feel better about the progress being made to find answers to the “real” questions.
I found this post with some amazing pictures of LHC. Check them out.

Monitors … Finally!

So I finally ordered my first ever pair of studio monitors. I ordered the Alesis Monitor One MK2 studio monitors. The reviews over all are pretty good and they actually have a pretty big frame compared to BX5a or KRK Rokit 5. I did have a chance to look at them when [...]

Staging Buffers

Sometimes, I find myself needing a staging memory buffer where I could store data for later retrieval. These kind of buffers essentially need to be FIFOs and should allow unlimited storage with resonably fast data retrieval. These buffers are different from, say, char array buffers since they need to be smart enough to [...]