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I am surprised I didn’t encounter (or perhaps realize their importance) these magical things until today.  Not that I have been making music forever, but I just cannot believe how much I had been missing.
Well, essentially, these are sampled sounds put together into a patch/bundle/bank. The sampled sounds within a soundfont can be controlled through [...]

Google Web Toolkit allows Java

Google Web Toolkit allows programmers to use Java programming language instead of JavaScript(!) to create all those “fancy” looking AJAX based interfaces. Its pretty cool though. I thought, to learn GWT and get any good at it, I need to learn JavaScript, which I totally hate. Instead, you write your programs in [...]

Windows Live Writer – Desktop Blog Publishing

I was looking for a desktop blogging software and stumbled across (yes, I stumble a lot) Windows Live Writer.  Its pretty cool in the sense that it works well with Wordpress and actually downloads your blogs style sheets and lets you edit the post in a format as it would appear on your web blog.  [...]

Make your own video – Radiohead – House of Cards

Radiohead and people behind their laser camera video which can be watched here, are giving out the captured 3D data to enthusiasts to make their own videos. People can download this data free of charge, along with the source code for Radiohead’s house of cards video from google code repository located here.
I think I [...]

Sky To Earth – Sound.C

Alright, here’s a new track I finished working on almost 5 months back. I just couldn’t convince myself to actually upload it. I am not at all happy with the mixing I did on this one. I tried to use natural sounds but modify them to an extent so that they are [...]

New Music Player

I had been thinking of putting up my entire track list on this web page so that people don’t always have to listen to whatever track I had hard-coded in the play list.  This is the same player which I had on my previous website, but this time I think I am going to settle [...]

Smart Pointers :: counted_ptr

After working in C# or ObjC for a while you realize how painful C++ memory management can get at times. Being responsible for releasing pointers explicitly seriously hinders my program design sometimes. This is particularly a problem when doing new just can’t be avoided (unmanaged objects within managed classes), or when you’re managing [...]

Smarter Dictionaries in C#.Net

Alright, here we go. After a long long long time I have decided to yet again try and maintain a blog.
The other day at work I was trying to use .NET’s Dictionary class to create a hierarchical structure which allows me to do something like this:

= new TorqueCurves(eAvatarGender.male, eJointName.elbow, eJointDirection.extension);

torqueInfo has been defined as:

Dictionary<eAvatarGender, [...]